Nothing Magical, Inc.

We’re closed

At the end of 2021, Nothing Magical closed its metaphorical doors for good. Some my past projects are still on the App Store, but there aren’t any planned updates.

Thanks to everyone that supported my apps over the years. I super appreciate you.

— Sam

Past projects


Contrast is macOS app for quick access to WCAG color contrast ratios. Make your designs accessible.

Download on macOS


Redacted is an app for hiding sensitive details in an image by simply clicking and dragging. Copy and paste in and out for super quick sharing.

Download on iOS   Download on macOS

A brief history

Nothing Magical started in 2012 by Sam Soffes as a home for Cheddar, a simple todo list for web, iOS, and macOS. A few people were really into it back then. Sam sold it back in 2013 for less money than you would expect.

After that, the only other notable projects to get released and later abandoned due to lack of Sam’s free time were Shares, a simple stocks app for iOS, and Whiskey, a Markdown editor for macOS.

Nothing Magical also did a fair amount of consulting work over the years. Notably, Litely which was recognized as Editor’s Choice on the App Store and was selected as one of the App of Year apps the year it was released.

At the end of 2021, Sam decided to close Nothing Magical. Thanks for almost 10 years of weekend projects.